01-The photocatalytical degradation of trichloroethylene-2009  (環工年會)

02-Heterogeneous photocatalysis of bacterial disinfetion-2009  (環工年會)



05-Degradation of 1,2-dichloroethane-2009  (Fifth saudi techrical confevence)

06-時間序列條件性異質變異數向量模型應用-2009  (地下水資源及水質保護研討會)

07-高嶺石黏粒觸媒奈米修飾材料之制備及物理特性-2009  (環工年會)

08-The photocatalytical degradation-2009  (環工年會)

09-Heterogeneous photocatalysis-2009  (環工年會)

10-應用多變量統計方法判識水庫集水區水質汙染分類-2009  (環工年會)

11-周界氣態揮發性有機物于大氣中之分佈型態-2009  (環分學會)

12-應用時間序列向量模型條件性異質變異數-2010 (環分學會)

13-應用三元 VAR-GARCH TYPE-2010  (環分學會)

14-蒙特石奈米觸媒制備技術及結晶型態探討-2010  (環工年會)

15-土壤黏粒複合觸媒之制備及各種物性特徵研究-2010  (環工年會)

16-台灣河川魚體樣本列管毒化物之時空序列分佈探討-2011  (環分學會)

17-多變量統計方法應用于台灣土壤重金屬汙染特性及評價模式之分析-2011  (環分學會)

18-Applying Multivariate Statistical Factor (SCI)-2011  (EES)

19-利用多變量統計分析探討台灣北部國道3號高速公路沿線隧道空氣品質分類及判識狀況-2012  (海峽兩岸研討會)

20-Air Quality Time Series Based GARCH Model (SCI)-2012 (AAQR)

21.VARIMA-GARCH 模型應用於台灣各級港口水體中列管毒化物分佈特性之探討-2012 (環分學會)

22.Applying Multivariate Stutistical Analyses-2012 (EQC)

23.2012-Applying a Multivariate Statistical Analysis Model to Evaluate the Water Quality of a Watershed 2012 (WER)-sci

24.2012-Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedastic Model for Water Quality Analyses and Time Series Investigation in Reservoir Watersheds-EES(SCI)

25.2013-Development of a New Municipal Solid Waste Managment System Multi-Objective Programming for a Merged Metropolis-EES(SCI)





29.2013-A Study on the Use of a Statistical Analysis Model to Monitor Air Pollution Status in an Air Quality Total Quantity Control District , Atmosphere (SCI)

30.2014-The Application of Water Quality Monitoring Data in a Reseroir Watershed Using AMOS Confirmatory Factor Analyses Environ Model and Assessment(SCI)





35.2014-Solar Photocatalysis Inactivation of Bacteria by Smectite Catalysts,Indian chemical society (SCI)

36.2014-The photocalytical degradation of trichloroethylene in water by reaction board using clay catalyst,Indian chemical society (SCI)

37.2014-Adsorption of cadmium and aniline of organoclay by HDTMA and CDTEA,Indian chemical society (SCI)
41.2015-Feasibility of applying aviation remote sensing for studying carbon sequestration of mangroves in Pingtung County,Taiwan (IJGAE) (SCI)
42.2015-Decolourization of Methylene Blue in Water Using Bentonite Impregnated with Ti and Ag as Photocatalyst (WER) (SCI)

43.2016-Poster1 奈米鈀銀合金薄膜電鍍法於可見光中催化降解土壤中有機氮類農藥

44.2016-Poster2 奈米鈀硒二元超微粉體去除堆肥腐植質之效率探討

45.2016-Poster3 以TGARCH模型應用於台灣土壤重金屬污染特性之研究The Application of TGARCH Model to Estimate Heavy Metal Soil Contamination in Taiwan

46.2016-Examining the physical characteristics and preparation of nano-modified materials of kaolinite clay catalyst

47.2017-Characteristics of air pollution particulate matters in a Slag Dumping Plant in Taiwan

48.2017-The application of multivariate satistical analysis to the analysis of character-istics and assessment methods of heavy metal soil contamination in Taiwan

49.2018-Poster1 以VARMA-EGARCH模型探討高屏地區空氣品質總量管制區空氣污染時間序列變化狀況

50.2018-Poster59 聚苯胺插層於蒙特石奈米複合材料光催化降解五氯酚之研究

51.2018-Characteristics of air pollution particulate matters in a Slag Dumping Plant in Taiwan

52.2018-A newly merged metropolis to develop MSW management systems using matheatical programming method

53..2018-The Assessment of Time Series for an Entire Air Quality Control District in Southern Taiwan Using GARCH Model

54.2018-Highway tunnel air quality assessment using muItivariate statistical classification on factor,cluster,and discriminant analysis

55.2019-Poster20 以TGARCH模型探討高屏地區空氣污染總量管制區污染特性及其特徵

56.2019-Poster75 醇水溶液加熱法制備奈米ZrO2超微粉體光催化降解五氯酚之探討

57.2019-Atmosphere Distribution Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds Concentration Using Factor Analysis in a Refinery Plant

58.2019-The Application of Dealing with Kitchen Wastes Recycling Condition Using Factor Analysis in Taiwan

59.2019-Physicochemical characteristics and properties of Nano-Modified Coupled smectite Catalysts with Ag Zn

60.2019-Characterization of Certain Physical Properties on modified kaolinite Coupled Catalysts Prepared with Ag and Zn Ions

61.2019-Multivariate Statistical Analyses for Air Quality Condition in a Steel Plant in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

62.2019-Assessment of Food Waste Resources Recycling in Composting Process Using Multivariate Statistical Methods

63.2019-Competitive Adsorption Ability of Organoclay to Heavy Metals Pb and Cd

64.2019-Catalytic Degradation of Pentachlorophenol Contaminated Soil using Nano...

65.2019-The PhotocalyticalTreatment of Trichloroethylene Using Self-Synthesis Soil Catalyst

66.2020-Chemical Degradation of Pentachlorophenol Contaminated Soil with Fenton-Like Oxidation Using Nano Zero-Valen Iron

67.2020-The Degradation Effect of Glyphosate in Soils Using Microwave Heating Treatment

68.2020-Catalytical Degradation of Diesel Contaminated Soil Using Smectite-Fe Catalyst with H2O2

69.2020-Study of Physical and Chemical Properties on Modified Smectite Catalysts Using HDTMA Cation

70.2020-VARMA-EGARCH Model for Air-Quality Analyses and Application in Southern Taiwan(SCI)

71.2020-Analysis on certain physical and resourceful properties of kish graphite containing materials(SCI)

72.2021-Studies of physicochemical characteristics of organoclay with carboxydecyltriethylammonium chloride ion(SCI)

73.2021-Study on Air Pollution Behavior of VOCs with Photochemical Monitoring Stations Using EGARCH in Southern Taiwan(SCI)

74.2021-Remediation Efficiency of the In Situ Vitrification Method at an Unidentified-Waste and Groundwater Treatment Site(SCI)

75.2022-The Effect of Compost and Apatite on Pb Distribution in the Pb-Contaminated Soil

76.2022-Competitive adsorption ability of aniline and pentachlorophenol with organoclay catalysts(SCI)